Why use Tamarack Realty to sell your Tamarack Resort home?

Why use Tamarack Realty to sell your Tamarack Resort home?

  • Tamarack Realty
  • 04/11/22
When you decide to sell your Tamarack Resort Home, it is time to talk to the absolute best in the local market: Tamarack Realty.
Our dedicated team of Real Estate professionals knows the real estate market within the resort and surrounding Valley County areas better than anyone.

Local Market Expertise

The Tamarack Realty team is deeply immersed in the resort. Two of our members, Dawn Beckman and Brian Hurley, are current residents of Tamarack Resort. We more than just analyze data about the market, we live the market.

Our team has a combined total of over 35 years of experience and knowledge in Tamarack Resort Real Estate and Valley County Real Estate. We are a resource of knowledge for anyone interested in buying in the resort and surrounding areas.

As a seller, we will represent your property with the highest level of expertise. We have the ability to not only extol the virtues of the tangibles of your property, we can also maximize the intangible benefits of the resort and the area unlike anyone else.

Our record of success is evidence we are the best choice. With over $1B in sales in the resort throughout the 19+ year history of Tamarack Resort, we are the top-selling agency.

Professional Presentation Of Your Property

The first step in getting top dollar for your property is to make sure that the property will put its best foot forward. The saying “you don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression” is absolutely true in Real Estate. That first glance a buyer takes at any photos or viewing by any other means has to make a lasting impression.
The steps we take to make sure your property is ready to be shown are:
  • Home Staging Consultation
  • Professional Photography
  • Virtual Tour
  • Professional Floor Plans
  • High-Quality Print Brochures
  • Professional Signage
  • Professionally Designed Print and Digital Advertising Campaigns
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Broker and Buyer Open Houses
Our entire marketing collateral is of the highest quality. We invest heavily in marketing to make sure you get the maximum price for your property.*

Optimal Pricing Consultation

Pricing your Tamarack Resort Real Estate is more than just gathering comparable sales and taking an average value. Going online to get an automated value estimate is a futile attempt in this area as there are many variables that automated estimates do not take into account.
The best way for us to help you arrive at the right listing price is to consider all the elements involved in pricing your property. Many of the homes here in the resort have custom amenities that need to be carefully considered.
Price the property too high and it will just sit on the market. This will also create a certain stigma with local agents who will consider days on the market as an indicator of the seller’s motivation to sell. In some cases, overpricing tends to detract the best buyers who are ready, willing, and able to act now to purchase a property.
Pricing the property too low will leave money on the table. Or will it? Interestingly enough, in some cases pricing a property under value creates a bidding frenzy which sometimes causes properties to sell for higher than the current value.
Which is right for you? Only a local experienced expert with decades of experience and a proven track record can help you choose which pricing strategy is right for you.

Maximum Exposure

Once your property is listed with us, we will launch our unique proprietary marketing framework to give your property the highest level of exposure.
Your property will be featured in the local MLS plus hundreds of other websites and Real Estate search portals such as Zillow, Realtor.com, and many others creating massive exposure around the world.
Additionally, we also utilize other advertising platforms such as Television Advertising, featured listing displays throughout the resort, illuminated signage throughout the village, and more.
We create additional exposure through print and digital media spanning the country and the globe. Properties are advertised in high distribution publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, and Mansion Global.
We also publish in our local area newspapers and magazines including The McCall Star News, Mountain Living, Suna Valley Magazine, Unique Homes, McCall Life, and Eagle Life.
We further promote listings using relevant ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Search.
We leave no stone unturned to make sure your property attracts as many buyers as possible. By creating exposure, we increase demand which ultimately helps get you the highest price for your property.

Concierge Level Service

We pride ourselves not just on being the foremost experts in the market, but also on providing a best-in-class level of service to our clients. Some of the features of our services are:
  • Align ourselves with the best professionals in related services such as Escrow, Title, and Mortgage Companies. We have strong relationships with home inspectors and termite companies. All our ancillary services are carefully vetted by our team.
  • Use best practices in negotiating with buyers to obtain the highest and best offers for your property.
  • Stay up to date on laws and regulations pertaining to the sale of Real Estate in Idaho to make sure the representation we provide you is of the highest professional standards.
  • Coordinate the entire sale process including scheduling inspections and appraisals.
  • Delivering and picking up necessary documents such as Condo Budgets, Tax Assessment Information, and any necessary paperwork needed to provide a smooth closing.
  • Conduct a thorough and detailed review of the purchase agreement and related documents to make sure you are crystal clear on the terms and conditions of the sale.
  • Continuous follow-up and communication with all parties in the transaction to be proactive in any potential issues that may arise.
Our team’s goal is to make sure you are properly represented in the sale of your home, and that you are also completely satisfied with our service.
As you consider selling your Tamarack Resort property, consider that you need someone who has your best interest in mind. You need absolute experts in the resort who can answer any questions a potential buyer may have. Many buyers who come into the Valley County area are new to the valley, they also need someone who can give them expert advice and in-depth information about living here. Our team is uniquely qualified to do just that.

Work With Us

Tamarack Realty provides concierge-level attention every step of the way. Whether you are buying or selling a property at Tamarack Resort, our knowledge, expertise, and resources are unparalleled.

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