Low Inventory and High Demand Cause Real Estate Values to Climb at Tamarack Resort

Low Inventory and High Demand Cause Real Estate Values to Climb at Tamarack Resort

  • Tamarack Realty
  • 06/20/22

Tamarack Resort real estate is currently in high demand and inventory is dwindling thanks to the many exciting things to do at the resort and the areas beyond. Tamarack is an all-season destination spread across 3,600 acres of land. It’s located only 90 miles north of Boise for even more attractions and entertainment.

In the summer, owners can have a blast with hiking, mountain biking, ziplining, and watersports and rafting on Lake Cascade. In winter, Idaho skiing, outdoor activities, and sports remind a huge favorite. No matter the season, the resort has plenty to do and is a favorite for those who want to be themselves in a private yet upscale place.

Tamarack Resort real estate is nestled in the rustic beauty of the Idaho mountains for a true wilderness experience. It’s characterized by few rules, small crowds, and the opportunity to make the most of a location only a select few will ever travel to.

Now Is the Time to Get in on Special Opportunities with Valley County Real Estate

Anyone looking at real estate is aware that mortgage rates are rising. Some may feel waiting is the best option when it’s time to buy. However, while rates are going up, looking at past rates shows that the overall numbers are still low on a historical basis. The table below illustrates what this means and why the current worry over rates may be highly overstated.

Time Period Rates
1970s 8.66%
1980s 12.70%
1990s 8.12%
2000s 6.29%
2010s 4.09%
2020s 3.50%

While the numbers for the 2020s are only projections, they came from Fannie Mae's predictions. There’s no way to be sure the numbers will be accurate, but it’s quite likely they won’t move much to one side or another.

When looking at a year-over-year comparison, residential sales in the nearby area show a price increase of about 44% to $649,900. Median sales prices for McCall real estate increased 48% to $780,777. For Tamarack, median sales are at $999,000, which is only a 6% increase in sales price.

Valley County Specific Information

For Valley County, looking at homes from 2020 to 2021 shows some important data. In 2020, most homes were on the market for about two months at 67 days. However, in the year following, that number fell to only 36 days. Most other statistics around housing also climbed over the year. The only exception is in the case of the number of homes sold. Almost 300 were sold in 2020, while less than 240 were sold in 2021.

McCall Real Estate Information

Drilling down to McCall specific real estate, median home prices increased from 2020 to 2021. The median price moved from $525,000 to $780,777. In addition, fewer homes were sold in McCall. Just over 140 were sold in 2020 and that dropped to 117 in 2020.

To compare, the median price of homes in nearby Cascade for 2021 was $447,500, which shows a difference of about $333,277. However, private residential communities are seeing massive growth. Much of this change in Tamarack Resort real estate can be attributed to out-of-staters moving in from places like California, where 18% of Tamarack owners are from.

Sales in Tamarack Resort

Tamarack Resort has seen a 15.2% median home price increase across all properties as a whole. This ranges from a 22% increase for four-bedroom chalets to a 51% increase for three-bedroom townhomes over the past year. On a three-year basis, four-bedroom chalets are up 74% while those at Lodge at Osprey Meadows have gone up by 175%.

As a real estate operation, Tamarack Resort has had $51 million in resale volume over 2021, which is 24% more than in 2020. In addition, there has been $21 million in new product sales. The average sale price of a customized home is about $2.95 million, which is a 59% increase from 2020 and a three-year increase of 205%.

Types of Properties Offered Through Tamarack Resort Real Estate

The properties located in Tamarack Resort in the McCall/Donnelly range from a variety of condominiums and cottages to townhomes, chalets, and estate homes. In addition, those who are looking for a more customized experience can choose a buildable lot. You can bring in a builder of your choice to create exquisite McCall/Donnelly real estate or a vetted list of builders is available to choose from.

Choosing to move to Tamarack Resort, or add a second or third home to the family, is an easy process. Choosing the right property can be more challenging. We offer an array of options to ensure everyone can fall in love with the place they will be spending time.

More About Tamarack Resort Real Estate

Tamarack resort real estate has been in place since 2008 with over $1 billion in real estate sold. The real estate team represents both sellers and buyers and is composed of professionals who have an on-site presence, knowledge of the market, and a passion for the community.

The properties offered by Tamarack Resort real estate give a view of thousands of acres of meadows, mountains, and lakes. Any home in the area is a haven for outdoor recreation and only a commute away from Boise and the international airport there. The team at Tamarack Resort is the only on-site brokerage firm at the resort and is dedicated to helping you make the best decisions.

Final Thoughts

Across the United States, people are talking about rising interest rates, lack of homes, and high demand. However, the prices of Tamarack Resort real estate haven’t moved up so much to be out of budget for most who are interested. Donnelly/McCall and Valley County real estate prices have increased but not as much as some locations.

When you choose Tamarack Resort real estate, you get a gorgeous home in a location like no other. Take advantage of Idaho activities, winter sports, attractions, and much more while having access to fantastic amenities like trail access, an 18-hole championship golf course, and easy access to Idaho skiing.

Learn more by clicking the link above to contact us. You can also reach us by phone at 208-325-1001 or email at [email protected]. Don’t miss out on the home of your dreams by waiting until inventory is completely gone.

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